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Mipham Shedra is a non-sectarian Vajrayana Buddhist educational institute dedicated to providing dharma education to newcomers and students of all lineages and traditions.  Led by esteemed resident Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lhoppön Rinpoche, students are fortunate to participate in meditations, classes, coursework, retreats and other activities with a revered Lama.  It is Lhoppön Rinpoche’s dedication to the Buddha dharma and accessibility to his students that enriches the personal experience of those who attend the Boulder temple. Anyone interested in learning more about Buddha-dharma and Mipham Shedra is welcome and encouraged to join us for our Sunday evening meditations, or to participate in any of our many other programs.

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 July Classes And Events:

July 2nd public meditation

August Classes And Events:

Medicine Buddha revised

General Public: $145

Supporting Members: $108

MEDICINE BUDDHA RETREAT                                                                                                     August 22, 23, 24, 2014                                                                                                                      There are many Buddha and Bodhisattva practices and each of these practices is for the purpose of enlightenment. Each Buddha’s practice puts emphasis on different angles. Medicine Buddha Practice focuses on our physical, emotional, mental and energy body health. Our health is impermanent and immediate obstacles arise from negative karma, negative energy, and poisons. Conditions such as these create unhealthy bodies and minds. For the practitioner, this can disturb our practice. Medicine Buddha purifies and rejuvenates our body, mind, and energy being.

Prophecy exists that points out the five symptoms of this dark and degenerative age.

1. Poisons will be increasing (environmental pollutants)

2. Diseases on the increase

3. Negative emotions increasing daily

4. The nutritional value of foods will decline

5. Life spans will decrease

One can observe these five symptoms and see how the toxic environment and lack of nutrition in foods become the cause and condition resulting in an increase of disease, negative emotions, and shortened life span.

For the practitioner who is seeking enlightenment, these symptoms are obstacles for their own practice. When the health is not good stability of the mind will be week, therefore causing suffering. The purpose of the Medicine Buddha Retreat is the purification of these obstacles and the rejuvenation of our energy. Through the blessings of the Medicine Buddha, we can practice our mediation and our love and compassion without any interference so we can achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The Medicine Buddha teachings were given for this dark day and degenerative age. This profound blessing manifested for those who are practitioners to enable them to practice unwavering.

Lhoppon Rinpoche received this cleansing blessing as a young boy. A great master, a Yogi by the name of Lama Chenchok offered this purification. This great being never got upset and he was known as “The Person Who Never Gets Mad.” The children enjoyed visiting him, especially in the summer when Lama Chenchok would fill buckets of water and special substances. Recited mantra, he would pour this healing nectar over the children’s heads.

This is a very powerful retreat. It is strongly suggested that your organize so that your are able to attend the entire retreat, beginning 7-9 PM Friday, August 15, continuing Saturday August 16, and concluding at 4 PM Sunday, August 17.

Retreat Diet: Friday evening through Sunday evening participants will consume no meat, eggs, garlic, onion, ginger, or alcohol. For the evening meal they will drink beverages, however no solid food is to be consumed.

7-9 PM Friday evening: (Mandatory for attending the retreat): Cleansing Puja (TRHU). Shower with cleansing substances (water, milk and saffron).

8 AM -4 PM Saturday: Puja which includes recitation and meditation practice

8 AM – 4 PM Saturday and Sunday: Brown bag or visit local vegetarian eateries.

To Prepare: Those who RSVP will receive an image of the Medicine Buddha to become familiar with and a mantra to memorize.

September Classes And Events:   

Bardo RetreatBARDO WEEKEND RETREAT September 19, 20, 21, 2014 Lhoppon Rinpoche will be training people according to the Bardo Thodrol Tradition. Rinpoche received from his own beloved Gurus direct teachings and firsthand experience in this tradition People who have taken this training will better understand the true meaning of their practice. They will become more organized about their meditation & practice. They will be in a position to better provide assistance for their family and friends. The Bardo Thodrol says, “Even some good practitioners can get confused in the Bardo if they are not familiar with Bardo training”. RETREAT SCHEDULE Friday 7-9pm. Part One: PREPARATION FOR ONEʼS OWN DEATH 1. Giving Teachings (45 minutes) 2. Break for (15 minutes) 3. Amithabha Shamatha Meditation (45 minutes) Saturday 6:30-7:30am. Amitabha Shamatha Meditation (optional attendance) 8-11am. Amitabha Sadhana puja following with Rigpa meditation (there will be 2 breaks in this session) 11-11:30am Silent mindfulness tea break 11:30-12am Question/Answer 12-1:30pm Lunch Break Part Two: PREPARATION FOR OTHER’S DEATH 1:30-2:15pm Demonstration of assisting some ones death according to Bardho Teaching 2:15-2:40pm break 2:40-4pm teaching and meditation Sunday 6:30-7:30am. Open meditation (optional attendance) 8:00am. Start the class (1) How to prepare for the death of a Non-Buddhist
(2) How to prepare for the death of a Non-Serious Buddhist Practitioner. (3) How to prepare for the death of a Serious Buddhist Practitioner. (4) How to guide while He or She is engaging the Bardo of 1) Dying, 2) Dharmata, 3) Becoming. (5) Cremation 1:30-2:15pm. Demonstration 4:00pm Retreat ends Students purchase the text: Tibetan Book of the Dead: First Complete Translation by Graham Coleman. All other materials provided. Cost for members $108, cost for non-members $145. RSVP info@miphamshedra.org. Payment made by PayPal www.miphamshedra.org

General Public: $145

Supporting Members: $108


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