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LR in India 2013

Lhoppon Rinpoche

Mipham Shedra is a non-sectarian Vajrayana Buddhist educational institute dedicated to providing dharma education to newcomers and students of all lineages and traditions.  Led by esteemed resident Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lhoppön Rinpoche, students are fortunate to participate in meditations, classes, coursework, retreats and other activities with a revered Lama.  It is Lhoppön Rinpoche’s dedication to the Buddha dharma and accessibility to his students that enriches the personal experience of those who attend the Boulder temple. Anyone interested in learning more about Buddha-dharma and Mipham Shedra is welcome and encouraged to join us for our Sunday evening meditations, or to participate in any of our many other programs.

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Calligraphy Class

Saturday, December 6, 2014 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Calligraphy ClassJoin us as we learn about the Tibetan seed syllables and practice drawing them! In this class we will learn to write the seed syllables and several mantras that are used in practices done at Mipham Shedra. This class is designed to familiarize you with these mantras so you can clearly visualize them.

This class is available via webinar as well as the Boulder Temple.

Please have these supplies on hand for class:
– Artist pad or sheets of plain white paper
– Several sheets of dark blue paper
– Colored pens (calligraphy style works well): white, red, and blue

Supporting member fee: $35
Public fee: $55

Supporting member fee: $35  

Public $55


Please register minimum 48 hours in advance so we can get the webinar link to you. Send an email to: info@miphamshedra.org so we have your email address.

All are welcome regardless of experience or knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism.


July 2nd public meditation

Help support our work in the community here in Boulder, Colorado and Bir, India!Contact: info@miphamshedra.org